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Neurodivergent People and the Law

Today we will look at how neurodivergent people come in contact with the legal systems in America.In this country individuals may engage with the civil or criminal courts, or both.
Neurodivergent people are more likely to be disabled – either visibly or invisibly – as compared to the general population.  People with disabilities often seek legal assistance or protection.  That is usually a civil matter. Examples may include: Getting a child evaluated for developmental disabilities, so that they can get services and supports in school.Once a student is evaluated and a plan in in place some school parents and school districts are unable to agree on the services needed or provided.  In such cases parents may turn to attorneys for help.Adults who cannot access things or places may turn to government agencies and attorneys to interpret or enforce laws like the ADA.Adults may seek legal assistance with workplace accommodations or with workplace issues.Parents may seek guardianship for disabl…

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